I'm Domarius and I love making retro themed games,
with a focus on local multiplayer! Check them out below.


HopSquash! is a local multiplayer party game for up to 8 players, where the objective is to squash your friends in spectacular fashion for the highest points! This is a "spiritual sucessor" to Jump 'n Bump with much more features. Multiple wide-screen levels, combos, powerups, and multiple characters and colours to customise your player with. You also have the option to share 1 gamepad between 2 players if you don't have enough. There's even a built in gamepad controlled level editor so you can make levels from the comfort of your couch! Available on Steam, and heading to the consoles soon!

Jump 'n Bump: Remastered

Jump 'n Bump was originally released on MS-DOS for free in 1998 by Brainchild Designs. It supported 4 players and was about bunnies crushing each other to death to get the highest score. I've remastered this for free, so now you can play it on your Windows or Linux computer with a total of 8 players! Control pad sharing is allowed too. If you enjoy this free download, consider buying HopSquash! above, it has a lot more content and quality of life features.

Alex Kidd in Pico World

Remember Alex Kidd in Miracle World for the Sega Master System? I crunched it down to 64x64 for the Pico8 virtual console! This minaturised version of the game features everything from the original game - recreated in the limitations of the Pico-8 Fantasy Console! Click below to play in your browser for free! Consider donating there if you'd like to see more cute de-makes like this one.


"Massively Singleplayer Retro RPG" (a play on Massively Multiplayer Online RPG) is a parody of all things I dislike about RPGS :) This was a 2005 C++ programming University assignment I made in my 20's, for Windows only. You can't die, but the infinitely spawning randomly generated enemies will eventually flood the land so completely that you can no longer physically move, unless you get through a long chain of fetch quests from every person in every town while trying to beat back the hordes of enemies. It's free and it's good for a chuckle or two.


My games have been featured in some retro/indie video game publications! Not only am I excited to see my games covered in this way but these sites are a great place to discover new "retro" themed games. Check out the articles below.

Vintage is the new Old

Alec has done a fond writeup on my Alex Kidd demake over at Vintage is the new Old. The cool thing is, he discovered my game via a forum post at SMSPower.org, this was not something I contacted the site about. In fact I didn't even know they existed myself till I did a search on my own game to see what came up, and was pretty surprised to see this article!

Indie Retro News

Indie Retro News have featured my Jump 'n Bump - Remastered! game on their site. this is a great little write up and I'm glad they saw fit to spread some news about this old MS-DOS game. The main reason I wanted to remaster it is to keep it alive, so people can play it on modern computers.


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