Play as cute furry animals squashing each other into bloody giblets!


Reaction clips!


HopSquash! is a local multiplayer party "vs" game like TowerFall or Duck Game. Jump on your friends mario-style to squash them, and enjoy the laughter as everyone watches cute furry animals explode each other into bloody pieces. Each game is very quick, only 5 minutes, and the highest score wins.

The best part about HopSquash! is it's so easy to play, even non-gamers will pick it up quickly. Just move left or right, and jump! Watch the "Reaction Video" to see examples of people of all ages, (including kids and their parents) enjoying HopSquash! together and having a blast!

  • Up to 8 players. Option to share 2 players to 1 gamepad
  • Made in Unity, easy to port to consoles
  • Easy to play; join by pressing buttons on any controller
  • Child-lock that censors the blood into candy/lollies
  • Fun, light hearted atmosphere with a retro twist

Quotes & Praise

"Thank you so much for the awesome game, the whole family loves it!"

AMMOnium - Steam Customer

"Scratching that itch you didn't know you had... ultimate cutesy carnage!"

Jp2 - Steam Review

"I am a fan of local multiplayer games, especially games that are simple to learn yet difficult to master. This is a great example of such a game. "

YellowBirdAZ - Steam Review

"This game is great! I loved Jump 'N Bump back on my older computers and this captures the feel of it perfectly!"

tcindiana - Steam Review

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